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  • links for 2007-08-09 В· The HIG still matters, even with special effects Interesting blog post about how the revised dock design in Leopard does not respect Apple’s own Human Interface Guidelines. (tags: design gui guidelines HCI icons osx) Physics still matter, even with special effects – TurboMilk Blog 3D Dock has no right to live. But not […]

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    Heuserkampf | Gestalt & Gestaltung | Art Director for interactive Media | Kai Heuser | 2006/2007 Portfolio (tags: design portfolio flash graphic)

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    apophenia: viewing American class divisions through Facebook and MySpace So if you are on Facebook you’re from a good family? It seems logical. (tags: socialnetworks facebook myspace) Rikcat Industries : The Portfolio of Rik Catlow (tags: design portfolio) Subtraction: One Book to Specify Them All (tags: typography book reference)

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    AskTog: A Quiz Designed to Give You Fitts So you think you are an interaction designer? Not if you cannot answer all the following questions quickly and with authority. (tags: interaction interface gui usability fitts)

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    Incremental leading : Journal : Mark Boulton (tags: typography css design grid layout)

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    USSR posters – a photoset on Flickr (tags: posters GraphicDesign) Steve Jobs’ Greatest Presentation Jobs’ introduction of the iPhone to offer five lessons for making an unforgettable pitch (tags: presentation tips)

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    Information Architects Japan В» iA Notebook В» The 100% Easy-2-Read Standard Most websites are crammed with small text that is a pain to read. Why? – There is no reason for cramming information onto the screen. It’s just a stupid collective mistake that started in a time where screens were really really small. (tags: design […]

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    Development Methodologies Compared Why different projects require different development methodologies. (tags: methodology software Development waterfall process) Design View / Andy Rutledge you want to facilitate visitors spending time reading the content rather than just looking at it? Use quiet structure to create the right kinds of affordances. (tags: design Interface layout tips typography usability grids […]

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    Pownce Review @ CenterNetworks: “it’s pretty freakin’ sweet!” Looks good. But what it does? (tags: web2.0 AIR ajax design digg interface)

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    this way design norwegian design studio. the makers of no international (tags: inspiration flash design) .no magazine Designed magazine. (tags: design graphic magazine)